Inflatable mattress with air, from 1800 to today the first anti-decubitus mattress:

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The air mattresses are mostly used for camping, although it is a product that has existed for many years, for about 200. Despite all the inflatable air mattress, it is certainly not a product similar to the memory foam mattress.

Before the memory foam mattress, the inflatable air mattress:

The air inflatable mattress was invented in 1824, to solve the problem, which has always existed for bedsores. It was certainly not something comparable to modern air mattresses since it is an air chamber waterproofed with the passage of air.

There are several vintages on the net which describes the amazing properties of the inflatable air mattress. Others provide a textual. In an age, the nineteenth century, in which the mattresses were still mostly wool or straw, represented a revolution.

A set of new features:

The main benefit, indeed the main novelty of the inflatable air mattress, was the possibility to choose how hard the mattress should be, depending on the air inside it. The equation was simple: more air, stiff mattress, and less air, soft mattress.

The inflatable mattress had a watertight valve, capable of retaining air inside it, allowing the mattress to maintain its shape even after intensive and long-lasting use.

The mattress cover could be removed for cleaning, making the life of the mattress even longer. Finally, the fact that it could easily be deflated, folded and transported made it perfect for temporary use.

For hospitals and wealthy, inflatable air mattress:

Far from perfection, often used as a sales argument by manufacturers, the air mattress, then as now; it had a lot of flaws.

Its high cost, especially in the early models, was supported by solid arguments (difficult to find with the technique of the time). In this way, the air mattress, before spreading, remained for a long time the prerogative of those who could afford it.

The inflatable air mattress, which had only an air chamber, began to spread in private clinics. Improving over time and spreading, increasing the number of air chambers and the strength of materials. Even today, together with the memory foam mattress, the inflatable mattress has remained a valid product to prevent bedsores.